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Welcome to Orbitfriendly

Orbitfriendly began as a concept back in 1982 when looking for a production studio name. Here we are, 33 years later and our code name is now here for you all to enjoy. Digital, peaceful, musical creations to spread around the world. Thanks for sharing and be sure to sign up to our newsletter to recieve updates on new releases as well as free music and monthly deals!


About David Buckley


Beginning in 1982, Dave designed and operated Canada`s first dedicated digital multi-track recording studio, Studio Depot. At the same time, he initiated the West Lincoln Conservatory, soon to be joined by Anca, and as a co-directors, oversaw an average of 170 music students weekly for over 27 years. During this period of time he also worked as a commercial contract composer and arranger, including writing music for children's television national network programming. At their studio in Grimsby, Dave has also produced a number of programs for cable television. Through much of the 90s, He and Anca ran a Musical Rod-puppet Theatre and operated Notespad , a weekly Saturday night music and creative arts coffee house. Dave has written a number of compositions and studies for solo and instrument groups, as well as choral music and over 10 musicals, oratorios and operettas, many of which can be found here on Orbitfriendly.com. For the past 17 years, Dave has also served as a director of music and organist at churches in the Hamilton, and currently Oakridge Church in the London area.